This is our list of frequently asked questions. If you have more doubts that are not in our list, we invite you to contact our reservations department to assist you.


Before you book

You can pay via pay pal in the website.

You only need your flight information. If you have more doubts, please send us an email.

If you do not see your route, please send us an email and we will answer you ASAP with all the information to give you the best service for your trip.

You can pay online via PayPal or you can pay the driver at the airport in full. Amounts are in US Dollars (no coins or bills that are torn or marked as we can’t exchange them here in Mexico). No traveler checks. We accept Mexican pesos (check with your driver for the current exchange rate). We accept Canadian Dollars (cash only) at a rate 1.32 CAD = 1 USD for those clients arriving into Cancun on any WESTJET, AIR CANADA, AIR TRANSAT or SUNWING flight. No other flights, airlines will be allowed to pay in CDN. To make it simple we round down to the nearest $0 or $5. Example a USD balance of $88 x 1.32 equals $116.16 CDN. Your balance would be $116 CDN. Pay driver EXACT amount as NO CHANGE in CDN will be given. Anything more will be considered a tip.

You can also ask us for a link to pay online.

**Check your departure voucher, as it already shows a zero balance. We assume you will be paying in full upon arrival.

We take you almost anywhere! Please click on the other destinations above. Email us for a price if you don’t see your city.

We work all days, all weeks, 24hrs. Don’t matter at what time you arrive at the airport, if you have a reservation we will be there.

Before you travel

We have uniformed staff (see above) at the airport to greet you (greeters). They hold a sign with the Cheap Transfer & MexRenting logo on it. Our team is always around. Once we have you they call the driver who is parked in a main parking lot. All this info is on the e-voucher we send you.

Our staff is always there. In your reservation confirmation you will find our Cell Phone you can call us or send us a whatsapp message in case you don’t find one of our drivers, its always better to let us know that you have arrived. Our Cell Phone Number is +52 19982942668

If you require a bigger transportation you can send us an email 48 hours before and we will adjust the service, you just need to pay the difference between one service to another.

The transfer will be in the airport when you arrive, we ask your flight information in the booking form to guarantee a perfect the service.

We will monitor your flight. You only need to contact us if you will arrive on a different flight.

Of course! Just email us your request and we will give you a quote for any restaurant. For the grocery stop it is an extra 20 USD in Transporter Van or 35 USD in Sprinter Van for 1 hour. Usually 1 hour is sufficient. It must be booked ahead of time. We will take you to the store of your choice (route wise) on the way to your hotel. We can also go to and from between hotels, parks, shopping etc.